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Our model 5025000 flowmeters are designed, manufactured and calibrated in our laboratory in the United Kingdom.

The flowmeter is supplied with a calibration certificate traceable to UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Services), the UK equivalent to NIST.

It is linear and accurate to +/-1% across the range 0.05 – 25.00 ml/min, with a reproducibility of +/- 0.5%, making it an ideal HPLC validation tool for IQ / OQ / PQ.

The flowmeter weighs only 320g.  It has a low internal sampling volume offering a rapid reading rate combined with accuracy and reproducibility. All ‘wetted’ parts are either PEEK, DIA-EL PERFLUOR, Teflon or Borosilicate glass; making the flowmeter the instrument of choice for the determination of HPLC system flow rates.

Flow rates are measured volumetrically and displayed in ml / min. Data output on the flowmeter display is to 3 decimal places (resolution of 1 microlitre / min) or via RS232 linked to a printer or computer the data can be logged to a resolution of 0.1 microlitres / min (4 decimal places).

A flowmeter data sheet is available for download from the Documentation list on the left of this page or from the Documentation page

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