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The Ap1300 Thermal Printer

The Ap1300 is a miniature thermal printer used to capture your Flowmeter data. It has a built in RS232 interface which can be run off the Flowmeter power supply, there is no need for a separate power supply. At only 330g, it is light and compact but holds up to 16 metres of paper roll. All readings are printed to 4 decimal places. The printer is supplied with a power/charger lead incorporating a print on/off switch to plug directly into the Flowmeter RS232 socket.

USB Interface 

This optional feature is available to connect the Flowmeter to a PC or laptop. The interface will be supplied complete with USB cable and relative software. To use the USB Interface, use the RS232 cable provided with your Flowmeter.


Cleaning Kit 

Our bespoke cleaning kit contains everything you need to keep your Flowmeter in optimal working condition. Every new Flowmeter is supplied with a kit, but you can order a full cleaning kit separately as and when required.  Each kit contains:

Full instructions


Silicon tube

Syringe & needle

50ml cleaning fluid



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